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Special Savings on Advent-Christmas Choral CDs – 6 CDs for $34.98

Just in time for the 2016 Advent-Christmas holidays, Pro Organo is making another of its SIX PACK offers, where 6 Pro Organo CDs are bundled together into a thrifty package.  These 6 CD titles have been sold separately at for USD $17.98 each.  The special sale bundles these 6, normally $107.88 for all 6, and offers them at only $34.98.  All are choral recordings with music for the Advent-Christmas season.  Three of the 6 in this SIX PACK are acclaimed recordings from the Memphis Boychoir & Chamber Choir.  There is no limit on how many of these SIX-PACKs you may order, but there is a limited quantity of these available.  The sale will continue until these are sold out.  Please link to the SIX PACK bundle here:

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