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A Baroque Organ Trilogy
(MP3 Album)
Claudia Dumschat

Organist Claudia Dumschat plays a program of three of the best known organ composers of the high baroque: Johann Sebastian Bach, Dietrich Buxtehude and Nicolas Bruhns, on the von Beckerath organ of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, 99th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan, New York City. The program contrasts and compares the writing of the three composers in similar genres and styles.

Downloadable MP3 Album.
Audio Quality:  192 kbps

Also available as CD.
Individual MP3 tracks also available.


Product Description


Format: Downloadable MP3 Album.
Audio Quality:  192 kbps.

Catalog Number:  CD 7054
Length: 67′ 50″
Tracks:  8
Organ: Von Beckerath
Venue: St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, New York City, New York USA
Recorded: 09/16/1994
Released: 03/01/1995
Producer: Frederick Hohman

Also available as CD.
Individual MP3 tracks also available. The sound of the von Beckerath Organ is exceptional; it’s rich, well delineates the individual lines, and is flat-out gorgeous. At the same time, it is a powerful instrument which Dumschat takes full advantage of with outstanding results. … As it is, I consider the recording an essential element in the library of baroque organ enthusiasts. – Donald Satz

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