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Blasts from the Century Past
(Audio CD)
David Heller

David Heller plays a wide variety of works from the beginning to the end of the 20th century – with music by Bonnet, Bridge, Ton, Vierne, Dupré, Hindemith, Barber, Albright, Persichetti and Phillips, upon the Rosales organ at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland, Oregon USA.

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Product Description


Format: Digital Audio CD
Catalog Number:  CD 7197
Length: 74′ 14″
Tracks:  15
Organ: Rosales
Venue: Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland, Oregon USA
Recorded: 03/29/2005
Released: 10/01/2005
Producer: Frederick Hohman
Notes Author: David Heller
Notes Language: English
Graphics Format: 8pp book, traycard, jewel box
UPC #: 636077719721

The American Organist “One doesn‘t go around saying “blast“ in the presence of a Rosales lightly; this instrument is certainly capable of that even in a somewhat dry acoustic, but it reveals its full dimensional sound in the smaller registrations as well, and it is all carefully prepared and presented. Frederick Hohman does his usual “one-man band“ act as producer, engineer, photographer and salesman–and he does it all well.“ – Paul Aldridge – March 2007

The American Record Guide I had not heard Heller play before, and I am both delighted and impressed with his artistry. The Bonnet is as well played as I have heard it, and he sails through the wild and crazy Albright selections with abandon…. A fine performance across the board for this well-engineered recording. – Metz

Despite the rather silly title, this disc presents a program of considerable interest. Heller opens with the Variations de Concert of Joseph Bonnet (how many organists play that in the year 2006?). then turns to the well-loved Adagio by Frank Bridge. Another rarity is the Pietro Yon Humoresque. After short works of Vierne and Dupre, Heller presents the Second Sonata of Hindemith and the Barber Variations on Wondrous Love, familiar works that receive worthy performances here. Then come three movements from William Albright’s Organbook III including the display piece Totentanz for pedal solo. Rich-voiced baritone Kevin Walsh sings Vincent Persichetti’s Drop, Drop Slow Tears as a preface to that composer’s organ chorale prelude on the tune. The impressive Fantasy Toccata by our eminent AAM colleague Craig Phillips concludes the recital.
Heller’s playing is technically secure, admirable in interpretation, and imaginative in use of registrations. The liner provides notes, biographies, and a spotless of Rosales Op. 11 (1986).
Victor Hill – The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians – April 2006

01 • Variations de Concert, Opus 1 • Joseph Bonnet • 8’1″
02 • Adagio in E Major • Frank Bridge • 6’6″
03 • Humoresque: L’organ primitivo • Pietro Yon • 2’11”
04 • Étoile du Soir from Piéces de Fantaisie, Book Three, Opus 54 • Louis Vierne • 6’5″
05 • Lamento, Opus 24 • Marcel Dupré • 7’10”
06 • Sonate II (1937) – I – Lebhaft • Paul Hindemith • 4’6″
07 • Sonate II (1937) – II – Ruhig bewegt • Paul Hindemith • 4’17”
08 • Sonate II (1937) – III – Fuge: Mässig bewegt, heiter • Paul Hindemith • 3’3″
09 • Wondrous Love, Variations on a shape-note hymn • Samuel Barber • 7’51”
10 • Movements from Organbook III – I – Jig for the Feet (Totentanz) • William Albright • 2’30”
11 • Movements from Organbook III – II – Nocturne • William Albright • 2’7″
12 • Movements from Organbook III – III – Finale – The Offering • William Albright • 3’27”
13 • Hymn: Drop, drop slow tears • Kevin Walsh, baritone • Vincent Persichett i • 2’6″
14 • Chorale Prelude: Drop, Drop Slow Tears, Opus 104 • Vincent Persichetti • 6’52”
15 • Fantasy Toccata • Craig Phillips • 8’18”

David Heller
Organist David Heller has risen to prominence as an outstanding organist and pedagogue in the United States. The American Organist has described him as “an eloquent performer,” and his playing as “an excellent demonstration of outstanding music making on a contemporary American organ.” Learn more…

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