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Expressions for Organ 16-22
Amy Johansen

Amy Johansen plays Expressions for Organ #16-22 by Naji Hakim on the Schantz organ at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Newark, New Jersey USA

Complete MP3 album is available.

© 1991 Pro Organo
© 1995 Zarex Corporation.

Downloadable MP3.
Audio Quality:  320 kbps



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Format: Downloadable MP3.
Catalog Number:  CD 7022
Organ: Schantz
Venue: Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Newark New Jersey USA
Recorded: 10/08/1990
Released: 12/15/1991
Producer: Frederick Hohman
Notes Author: Amy Johansen
Notes Language: English

© 1991 Pro Organo.
© 1995 Zarex Corporation

Downloadable MP3.
Audio quality:  320 kbps.

ISRC: USR9N9102202

Laser Disc Gazette “…Ms. Johansen is quite a virtuoso and a real technical wiz. (The engineering) has captured better than most this most complex of instruments. The full organ has lots of weight (and yes, there’s quite a bit of subwoofer action at times) but also a lot of transparencty and clarity missing in most organ recordings.”

Sydney Organ Journal “…Prepare to be bowled over…a truly mind-blowing experience!… I could not rate the recording more highly as it represents my ideal of how an organ recording should sound… superb performance… Highly recommended.”

The Organ “…This is one of those CD’s which it impossible to praise too highly. Miss Johansen plays with such understanding and wonderful rhythmic drive that it is difficult to imagine a better interpreter for this music… this CD would make a perfect introduction to his (Hakim’s) music… Very highly recommended.”