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Marche Funebre d’une Marionnette
Thomas Heywood

In this recording, made in March, 2011, Thomas Heywood plays Marche Funebre d’une Marionnette as transcribed by W. T. Best on the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ.

Also available on CD.

Downloadable MP3 Track.
Audio Quality:  320 kbps.


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Format: Downloadable MP3 Track
Audio Quality:  320 kbps

Catalog Number:  CD 7257
Organ: Hill, Norman & Beard / Schantz
Venue: Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne VIC Australia
Recorded: 03/21/2011
Released: 05/01/2011
Producer: Peter Wakeley and Chris Dekler

© Copyright 2011 Zarex Corporation.
ISRC #: USR9N1125714

Also available on CD.