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Offerte du 5ème Ton

H. Joseph Butler plays the Messe du Deuxième Ton and Offerte du Cinquième Ton in alternation with chant, with the Fisk Organ of Downtown United Presbyterian Church, Rochester, New York.  In addition to the audio program, the CD contains 6 PDF files, containing Mass Texts and Translations, as well as 4 score facsimile pages.

Also available on CD.


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Format: Downloadable MP3.
Catalog Number:  CD 7008
Length: 45’ 49″
Tracks:  Download Version:  7
Tracks:  CD Version:  40
Organ: Fisk, Opus 83 (1983)
Venue: Downtown United Presbyterian Church, Rochester, New York USA
Recorded: 10/25/1985
Released: 12/01/1985
Producer: Frederick Hohman
Notes Author: H. Joseph Butler
Notes Language:    English

ISRC: USR9N8500803
© Copyright 1985 Pro Organo
© Copyright 2008 Zarex Corporation

Pro Organo CD 7008
Vive le Roi!
01 • Kyrie (Messe du Deuxième Ton) • André Raison • 9’35”
02 • Gloria (Messe du Deuxième Ton) • André Raison • 15’54”
03 • Offertory du Cinquième Ton “Vive le Roi” • André Raison • 7’10”
04 • Sanctus (Messe du Deuxième Ton) • André Raison • 5’46”
05 • Elevation (Messe du Deuxième Ton) • André Raison • 2’42”
06 • Agnus Dei (Messe du Deuxième Ton) • André Raison • 3’16”
07 • Ite, Missa Est (Messe du Deuxième Ton) • André Raison • 1’26”

ALBUM download purchase includes 4 PDF score facsimile files and 2 PDF text files.

H. Joseph Butler is Professor of Music and University Organist at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, where he also serves as Associate Dean of the College of Fine Arts. He holds a DMA and Performer’s Certificate in organ from the Eastman School of Music, an MM in organ from the New England Conservatory, and a BA magna cum laude in music from Bowdoin College, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He has studied organ with Russell Saunders, Yuko Hayashi, Harald Vogel, Bernard Lagacé, and Marion R. Anderson, and harpsichord with Colin Tilney and Arthur Haas.

Dr. Butler has performed widely in the United States and England, including conventions of the American Guild of Organists (AGO) and the Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society, and the cathedrals of Canterbury, Liverpool, Leeds, Ripon, and Chester. He recently performed recitals at Hong Kong Baptist University and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, where he taught a master class on the works of J. S. Bach.

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