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Romantic Thunder
(MP3 Album)
Erik Wm Suter

Erik Wm. Suter plays music of Franz Liszt and Julius Reubke on the 10,650-pipe organ of Washington National Cathedral, Washington, D. C. USA

Format: Downloadable MP3 Album.
Audio Quality:  320 kbps

The Compact Disc is presently sold out and unavailable.
Individual MP3 tracks are also available.


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Format: Downloadable MP3 Album.

The Compact Disc is presently sold out and unavailable.
Individual MP3 tracks are also available.

Catalog Number:  CD 7129
Length: 65′ 16″
Tracks:  9 (on original CD), 7 (on MP3 album)
Venue:  The organ of Washington National Cathedral, Washington, D.C. USA
Recorded: 11/27/2000
Released: 03/01/2001
Producer: Frederick Hohman

American Record Guide “The organ works well despite its placement, and the sound engineer for this recording has done such a good job of microphone placement and technical editing that one can hear the organ better in the recording than from any single place in the church. Suter has clearly mastered this awkward instrument. The release is called Romantic Thunder, and there is plenty of that. I was won over, though, by the beautiful phrasing and regsitrations of the second movement of the Liszt. Suter projects the lyrical quality of this music wonderfully and shows off lots of the original Skinner stops …. Suter uses the 64’ reed … The effect is like a sustained fire from a machine gun … Liszt might have liked the 64’ reed. When thinking of Liszt, concern over excess is pointless. … Suter is a gifted man from whom we will hear again and, I hope, often.” – Blakely

The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians “…certainly Suter does this war-horse (Reubke Sonata on the 94th Psalm) full justice.” – November 2001 – Victor Hill

The Living Church “Mr. Suter has an impressive list of achievements, including top place in a number of organ playing competition, so he is equal to the demanding repertoire. So is the organ. … You are to be overwhelmed, as Berlioz said of the Dies Irae of his Requiem, ‘Crushed by a tremendous emotion.‘“ – December, 2001 – F. Mark Siebert