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Suite Gothique – Toccata
Thomas Heywood

In this recording, made in March, 2011, Thomas Heywood plays Suite Gothique – Toccata by Boéllmann on the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ.

Also available on CD.

Downloadable MP3 Track.
Audio Quality:  320 kbps.


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Format: Downloadable MP3 Track
Audio Quality:  320 kbps

Catalog Number:  CD 7257
Organ: Hill, Norman & Beard / Schantz
Venue: Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne VIC Australia
Recorded: 03/21/2011
Released: 05/01/2011
Producer: Peter Wakeley and Chris Dekler

© Copyright 2011 Zarex Corporation.
ISRC #: USR9N1125710

Also available on CD.