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The Craigheads at Asbury
(MP3 Album)
Marian and David Craighead

Organ Duets by Howard Hanson, Rayner Brown, Leo Sowerby, Barrie Cabena, Joseph Jongen and Gustav Merkel are played upon the Austin pipe organ of Asbury First United Methodist Church in Rochester, New York by David and Marian Craighead.  The Hanson and Sowerby works are transcriptions by Marian and David Craighead.  In the Sowerby, the Craigheads are joined by Tami L. Petty, soprano and John Beck, tubular bells.

Format: Downloadable MP3 album.
Audio Quality:  256 kbps

Also available on CD.
Individual MP3 tracks are available.


Product Description


Format: Downloadable MP3 album.
Audio Quality:  256 kbps

Catalog Number:  CD 7046
Length: 71′ 22″
Tracks:  8
Organ: Austin
Venue: Asbury First United Methodist Church, Rochester, New York USA
Recorded: 10/06/1995
Released: 09/20/1996
Producer: Frederick Hohman

Also available on CD.


The American Record Guide “The organ duet repertory is bound to be unfamiliar to the general listener, and even to many organists. … The Craigheads gave many organ duet recitals. Their many years of cultivating this rare performance medium led to an astounding degree of precision and teamwork. It is good to have this recorded document of their combined artistry.” – Gatens