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David Spicer

David Spicer is a unique blend of the ­sensitivity and expressiveness of the Romantic, the phrasing and clarity of the purist, the flair and technique of the ­virtuoso, and the ­creativity and registration of the master orchestrator. A native of Austin, Texas, Spicer received his first ­musical training from his parents and from Donald Firnhaber, Eleanor Page, Henri Pantillion, and Esma Beth Clark. He began playing for church services at age eight. During the ­junior and senior years of high school, he was appointed ­organist at Austin’s prestigious First Baptist Church. At seventeen, he won a scholarship to the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia where he studied with the renowned Alexander McCurdy. Under his tutelage, Spicer was to mature and ­develop his own style of recreating the ­masters. At age ­nineteen, Spicer ­became organist of Wayne Presbyterian Church, Wayne, Pennsylvania, where this recording was made. After ­graduating from Curtis, he continued to study privately with Dr. McCurdy, and also with Robert Elmore. His lifelong service to the church has ­culminated in his position of Minister of Music and the Arts at First Church of Christ in Wethersfield, Connecticut, where he also serves as a principal organizer and host to the Albert Schweitzer Organ Festival and Competition / USA. Central to his work as a church musician, ­recitalist, conductor, arranger, accompanist and teacher, is the desire to ­communicate, through all facets of music, music’s ­ability to “wash from men’s souls the dust of everyday life.”