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Multi-Media Production

SERVING CLASSICAL MUSICIANS.  Zarex Corporation, parent company of Pro Organo, maintains a post-production facility in South Bend, Indiana.  This facility is maintained primarily to serve the audio and video production needs for the Pro Organo label; however, the studio completes several audio and video projects each year for a variety of classical recording labels, for independent producers and independent artist / musicians, working under a variety of conditions and circumstances.

LOCATION RECORDING.  Zarex Corp / Pro Organo is equipped to handle location audio recording of the highest quality, up to 16 independent channels at up to 192kHz / 24-bit audio resolution, as well as up to 16 channels of DSD (Direct Stream Digital) audio, including live concert event coverage where classical music forces extend to a full orchestra with choirs, instrumental and vocal soloists and narrators.  Zarex records in venues that are not normally designed for multi-media production, such as traditional Cathedrals and similar historic sites.  Video services in full HDTV extend to a simultaneous 10 camera shoot, with a full size, full featured Jimmy Jib crane offering all camera functions as well as pan and tilt by remote control.  Zarex / Pro Organo capabilities focus on audio and video recording; while Zarex services do not extend to live sound reinforcement, Zarex can interface its audio and video with live sound, third-party and ‘front of house’ contractors.  Zarex Corp / Pro Organo has produced audio and video on location from coast to coast in the USA, as well as in the UK, Sweden, and Australia.

PRE-PRESS, PACKAGING AND MANUFACTURING.  Zarex Corp’s pre-press facility is integrated with its audio-video post-production service, allowing smooth integration and quick completion of both the digital elements and print elements of turnkey productions. Zarex Corp has maintained accounts with several U. S. disc manufacturing plants, including Indiana’s own Sony DADC.  For custom short-runs in manufactured discs, Zarex also offers its own in-house short run duplication services, with Audio CD, CD-Rom, CD-Extra, DVD, DVD-ROM and Blu-ray formats duplicated, with process color thermal disc labeling, graphics production / insertion and product assembly.

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