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Privacy Policy

This website, PROORGANO.COM, is operated and maintained by ZAREX CORPORATION, an Indiana Corporation, in South Bend, Indiana.  “We” and “our” refers to ZAREX CORPORATION and its website PROORGANO.COM and “you” and “your” refers to you.  By using this website, you agree to and accept our privacy policy and all of its conditions as are detailed below.

1.  YOUR BROWSING IS TRACKED TO ASSIST YOU.  Products that you view at this site are tracked, stored and displayed as “recently viewed.”  These “session files” are created by to assist each individual visitor in recalling browsing history and shopping choices.  When you are a first-time visitor or new customer, your browsing is anonymous until you begin to view products, and complete forms that are a part of the checkout process, or when contacting us with a message.  Providing you use the same computer or IP address to access our site on subsequent occasions, our website will recall and may display a portion of your browsing history at this website.  We may utilize cookies or other internet technology to create and store data temporarily while you visit our website, while you complete your order or until you conclude your website visit.  During your website visit, our website may transfer data to your computing device’s hard drive, via your internet browser, which will enable our website to track, remember and identify you as a specific visitor, during your visit.  If your internet browser has cookies or similar tracking methods disabled, these tracking features may become disabled.  Anyone not wishing to make purchases with by internet is invited to refer to our products posted on-line, noting the title and SKU (catalog) number, and to place your order with us by telephone, or by locating, printing, completing and returning the MAIL & FAX ORDER FORM by mail or FAX.  Our contact details are:

Postal Address:
PO Box 8338
South Bend IN 46660-8338 USA

FAX:  USA Area Code 574. 271-9191
TELEPHONE:  USA Area Code 574. 271-9151
(Usually answered 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern USA Time, except holidays.)
TOLL FREE TELEPHONE (USA / CANADA):  1-800-336-2224.

Our contact details are also shown on the CONTACT US page and on the MAIL & FAX ORDER FORM.

2.  INFORMATION WE ACQUIRE IS NOT SHARED BEYOND OUR COMPANY.  COLLECTED INFORMATION IS CONVEYED ONLY TO PAYMENT PROCESSING and DELIVERY AGENTS, ON A NEED-TO-KNOW BASIS ONLY, AS THEY ASSIST US IN PROCESSING YOUR ORDER.  We do not sell, trade, barter, transfer or share customer information acquired by this website with third parties.  We use your information only for the purpose of processing and responding to your orders and messages, and for our own, internal marketing purposes.  We require your billing information (name, address, city, province/state, postal code) and your credit card details in order for you to complete check out.  Your sensitive account information is transmitted via a secure internet connection to our secure server, and your data is safeguarded through a variety of procedures, including data encryption.  Our website updates its security frequently, and has been designed to operate with maximum security when you utilize up-to-date versions (issued in the past two years) of all popular internet browsers.

3.  ADVERTISING.  By completing an order at or by contacting us through the methods offered here, you agree that may contact you with periodic announcements about our products and services.  Our frequent email, RSS and similar internet announcements do not exceed 4 (four) announcements per month.  You may opt-out of our frequent advertising, by using the unsubscribe dialog included with each announcement.  If you opt-out of our frequent advertising, may still contact you by mail and email with announcements and advertisements, but not more than 4 times each year.  Unsubscribe procedures are in place to assure our customers that our advertising never becomes a nuisance.  We also attempt to cross reference all advertising opt-out requests where multiple email addresses may belong to a single individual.

4.  THIRD PARTY WEBSITE LINKS.  There are numerous, convenient third party links found throughout our website, which lead to artist websites, and to website of venues and institutions and to publishers and organ builders associated with our products and services.  Each of these linked websites may have different privacy policies from ours, or they may have no privacy policy at all.  Although we believe all of the linked third party websites accessed from our website are safe for internet browsing, we accept no liability or responsibility for the security, integrity or proper function of linked websites, nor for any consequences to you arising from your access of third party websites from our website.

5.  OFFLINE DATA.  This privacy policy and the safeguarding of your confidential information applies equally to data you submit to us when placing your order by telephone, FAX, or mail. When ordering off-line, if you are located outside the USA, we may request your FAX, email or telephone information, and we may provide this to our delivery agents, in order to help them to expedite delivery of your order.

6.  PRIVACY POLICY UPDATES.  We may change the terms of this privacy policy without notice; however, all changes and updates to our privacy policy are posted here, effective with the date of the change.  This privacy policy is presently in effect and was last updated on 15 May 2015.