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Frederick Hohman of Zarex Corporation is pleased to announce the unveiling of a futuristic, multi-keyboard digital music platform, called the ORGAMUSE (patent pending).

To view photos of the ORGAMUSE, click here.

• The very first video of the ORGAMUSE, as played by its designer Frederick Hohman, appears at the bottom of this page.
As more videos become posted,  you will find them also embedded at the bottom of this page.

ORGAMUSE (patent pending) is a four-manual plus pedalboard digital music platform which communicates with external sound generating modules using USB, MIDI and mLAN languages.  Its most noteworthy features are its slim, open-frame design, and its translucent and light-embedded pedalboard.

ORGAMUSE’s open-frame allows an audience to have maximum visibility of the organist’s pedal activities from a 360-degree angle view when it is placed prominently on stage.  Its four keyboards (manuals) and digital music rack are suspended in place through a solid, balanced and welded aluminum frame with a single, central support beam supporting both the organists’s perch and the four-manual top cradle.

ORGAMUSE’s translucent pedalboard is constructed of lexan-like materials, and each of its 32-pedals is fitted with a focusing illumination module (patent pending) allowing each pedal to glow brilliantly as the individual pedals are played.

ORGAMUSE has its roots in the traditional pipe organ console, but it is benchless, with a translucent perch replacing the centuries’ old, traditional, sight-obstructing organ bench.

ORGAMUSE can drive multiple sound generating devices simultaneously.  Its MIDI stream and USB output can be routed to several different computer-driven sound banks, providing virtually unlimited numbers of output audio channels.  This allows the ORGAMUSE player to choose, combine, assign and juxtapose several computer modeled voices, synth patches and sample-based organ sounds simultaneously.  The ORAGMUSE player can play vastly diverse types of tone side-by-side or in complex combinations.  By using the best functions of USB, MIDI and mLAN technology, the ORGAMUSE music rack can display a real-time status and monitor indication of all downstream functions from multiple applications.  This assists the ORGAMUSE player in developing and executing a fast-paced, entertaining myriad and sequence of digital sounds.

The finished ORGAMUSE prototype, which is designed to fit designer Frederick Hohman’s height and frame, is pictured here.  Concerts with the ORGAMUSE are presently in planning stages and concert inquiries are welcomed.  Please send your inquiry by email using our CONTACT US page.   As of December, 2016, a second ORGAMUSE is under construction, with a few refinements over the original design.  Wide-scale manufacture and distribution of the ORGAMUSE has not yet been determined.  Please check this webpage again for updates.