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Cathedral Echoes (Audio CD) Charles Callahan

Charles Callahan plays the Great Kilgen organ of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis the King, St. Louis, Missouri.

This album is available only as a Compact Disc.

Digital Audio Compact Disc
23 Tracks


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Format: Digital Audio CD
Catalog Number:  CD 7232
Length: 78′ 03″
Tracks:  23
Organ: Kilgen – Wicks
Venue: Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri USA
Recorded: 08/15/2008
Released: 11/20/2008
Producer: Frederick Hohman
Notes Author: Charles Callahan
Notes Language: English
Graphics Format: 12pp book, traycard, jewel box
UPC #: 636077723223

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Digital Audio Compact Disc
23 Tracks

American Record Guide “The 4-118 organ in the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis has all the power and variety one could ask for. … Almost everything here qualifies as listenable and pleasant …” – Metz

Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians
“The Romantic program is ideally suite to the instrument … As a demonstration of the very Romantic Kilgen and as a collection of mostly enjoyable salon-style pieces, this disc is worthwhile. … Callahan has the sense to provide sonic variety, in contrast to a couple of discs that have lately come to me and that suffer from a surfeit of full organ!” – Victor Hill

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