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Christ is made the sure foundation
Saint Paul’s Parish, K Street, Washington D.C.

The choirs of Saint Paul’s Parish, K Street, Washington, D.C., under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Smith, with Bruce Neswick, organist, Rev. Andrew L. Sloane, pastor, and The Washington Symphonic Brass and congregation, present the hymn-tune Westminster Abbey.

Format: Downloadable MP3 Track.
Audio Quality:  320 kbps


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Format: Downloadable MP3 Track.
Audio Quality:  320 kbps

Catalog Number:  CD 7090
Organ: Schoenstein
Venue: Saint Paul’s Parish, K Street, Washington D.C. USA  WEBSITE
Recorded: 06/10/1998
Released: 11/01/1998
Producer: Frederick Hohman

ISRC #: USR9N9809012

The Absolute Sound ABSOLUTE SOUND GOLDEN EAR AWARD FOR 2000 – My last Ear goes to a CD from a genre that seldom gets represented in ’best of’ discussions: church music. It is a terrific recording in all ways and a long-overdue homage to Frederick Hohman, who has produced and engineered most of the sessions for his exciting Pro Organo label. … The pure, bright sound of this American boy choir rivals any heard on English recordings, and the organ and brass playing are first-rate. The sound is excellent, rich and resonant, yet not lacking in detail. It is difficult to record large forces like this in a huge church, but Hohman has pulled it off, like a master magician. – Rad Bennett

The American Organist “Good acoustics, good booklets: these cakes are full of raisins. … Praise to the Holiest includes some impressive organ improvisations by Mr. Smith.“ – Vernon Gotwals – Dec 1999

The American Record Guide Classy arrangements of 12 inspiring hymns performed by smooth voices and brass caught in plush sound by the Pro Organo engineers. The rich spiritual diversity of these timeless statement of faith is emphasized gorgeously by these arrangements. – Greenfield

The Living Church I visited St. Paul’s the day after the high drama of the Presiding Bishop’s installation. And this is why.

01 • The strife is o’er, the battle done • Victory • (Stanza 3: Charles Wood) • 7’50”
02 • The King of Love my Shepherd is • St. Columba • arr. Edward C. Bairstow • 6’34”
03 • O blest Creator of the Light – Lucis Creator • improvised organ versets by Jeffrey Smith • 14’26”
04 • He is risen! He is risen! • Neander • 4’14”
05 • O gladsome light • Nunc dimittis • 2’30”
06 • I vow to thee, my country • Thaxted • 3’48”
07 • O love how deep, how broad, how high • Agincourt Carol (Stanza 5: harmonized by Charles Wood) • 6’10”
08 • Praise to the Holiest in the height • Richmond • 6’28”
09 • If thou but trust in God to guide thee • Wer nun den Lieben Gott • 2’33”
10 • Abide with me, fast falls the eventide • Eventide • 5’38”
11 • To thee before the close of day • Te lucis ante terminum • 1’37”
12 • Christ is made the sure foundation • Westminster Abbey • 8’19”