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Dances of Life …
Dances of Death
(Audio CD)
Janette Fishell

In 1995, when this CD first appeared, few organists were aware of composer Petr Eben.  Today, Petr Eben is revered as a leading Czech organ music composer, with works that are found in academic curriculum as well as in concert.  American organist Janette Fishell, who is now on the music faculty of Indiana University at Bloomington, and who studied with Mr. Eben, provides compelling interpretations of a sampling of Petr Eben’s organ solo compositions.

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Details and Track Samples

Product Details

Format: Digital Audio CD
Catalog Number:  CD 7023
Length: 72’ 28”
Tracks:  10
Organ: Casavant
Venue: St. George’s Episcopal Church, Nashville, Tennesse USA
Recorded: 10/18/1994
Released: 04/02/1995
Producer: Frederick Hohman
Notes Author: Janette Fishell
Notes Language: English
Graphics Format: 8pp book, traycard, jewel box
UPC #: 636077702327

The American Record Guide ”…Fishell has done an invaluable service to Eben and new listeners by presenting this short sampler. Her performance is first-rate; she has an intrinsic feel for Eben’s music and an obvious joy in performing it. Her use of the Casavant Organ of St. George’s Episcopal, Nashville, is without flaw. A truly enjoyable recording.” – Bond

01 • from Nedelni Hudba (Sunday Music) III. Moto Ostinato • Petr Eben • 5’43”
02 • from Nedelni Hudba (Sunday Music) IV. Finale • Petr Eben • 11’45”
03 • from Faust for organ, VI. Gretchen • Petr Eben • 6’15”
04 • from Faust for organ, V. Studentenlieder (Student Songs) • Petr Eben • 3’54”
05 • from Job for organ, IV. Longing for Death • Petr Eben • 5’58”
06 • A Festive Voluntary: Variations on Good King Wenceslas • Petr Eben • 8’14”
07 • Four Biblical Dances, I. The Dance of David before the Ark of the Covenant • Petr Eben • 7’20”
08 • Four Biblical Dances, II. The Dance of the Shulammite • Petr Eben • 6’37”
09 • Four Biblical Dances, III. The Dance of Jephtha’s Daughter • Petr Eben • 9’36”
10 • Four Biblical Dances, IV. The Wedding in Cana • Petr Eben • 6’59”