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Dynamic Duo
(Audio CD)
Ken Cowan & Bradley Welch

Concert organists Ken Cowan and Bradley Welch, who have had brilliant careers as solo organists, join together as an organ duo in this delightful program of music for two organists, entitled DYNAMIC DUO.  The duo organists present a program containing both original works for two organists, as well as organ transcriptions of well-known classical repertoire, upon the 191-rank Casavant organ, Opus 3750, known as the Rildia Bee I’Bryan Cliburn Organ, at Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas.

In addition to 6 duo-organist tracks, Ken and Bradley each contribute a solo organ work to the program, with Ken playing John Ireland’s Elegiac Romance and with Bradley playing the Choral Fantasy on Lobe den Herren by American composer Aaron David Miller.

Digital Audio Compact Disc – 8 Tracks.


Track Listing / Audio Samples


Format: Digital Audio Compact Disc.

Catalog Number:  CD 7275
Length: 72′ 38″
Organ: Casavant, Opus 3750, The Rildia Bee O’Bryan Cliburn Organ
Venue: Broadway Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas USA
Recorded: 03/03/2016 and 03/04/2016
Released: 11/01/2016
Notes Author:  Ken Cowan, Frederick Hohman and Bradley Welch
Packaging:  8 page full color booklet, traycard, standard single CD jewel box
Producer: Frederick Hohman

© Copyright 2016 Zarex Corporation.
UPC#:  63607 77275 2 8

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