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Fountain Reverie
Justin Hartz

Justin Hartz plays Fountain Reverie by Percy E. Fletcher on the 1929 Aeolian Organ of Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania USA.

Downloadable MP3.
Audio Quality:  192 kbps.

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Format: Downloadable MP3.
Catalog Number:  CD 7024
Organ: Aeolian 1929
Venue: Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylavania USA
Recorded: 09/21/1995
Released: 02/14/1996
Producer: Frederick Hohman
Notes Author: Frederick Hohman
Notes Language: English

© 1995 Pro Organo.
© 1996 Zarex Corporation

Downloadable MP3.
Audio quality:  192 kbps.

ISRC #: USR9N9502406

The Diapason “If you might like to have been a bug on the wall in Pierre S. duPont’s mansion during the 1930s, and hear the melodious and often sentimental music typically played for the millionaire’s enjoyment during those times, then this CD is just the vehicle you need… Flowers, however, are not only reflected in the selection titles, but in Justin Hartz’s treatment of this turn-of-the-century fare, which I would describe as an audible slow-motion flower-in-bloom…. If you seek true bass, this CD has plenty of it. Rarely has my stereo room resonated right down to the rock bottom of the spectrum.” – Bernard Durman