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French Éclat at Saint Thomas Church (Audio CD) Jeremy Bruns

Jeremy Bruns plays organ works of deGrigny, Messiaen and Widor on the Arents Memorial Organ of Saint Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue, New York City.

Digital Audio Compact Disc
14 Tracks


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Format: Digital Audio CD
Catalog Number:  CD 7220
Length: 77’ 57″
Tracks: 14
Organ: E.M. Skinner, Aeolian-Skinner, Adams, Mann & Trupiano
Venue: Saint Thomas Church, New York City, New York USA
Recorded: 05/28/2007
Released: 09/10/2007
Producer: Frederick Hohman
Notes Author: Kevin M. Clarke
Notes Language: English
Graphics Format: 12pp book, traycard, jewel box
UPC #: 636077722028

Digital Audio Compact Disc
14 Tracks.

JEREMY S. BRUNS is the newly appointed (Summer 2007) Organist-Choirmaster at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in Buffalo, New York. At St. Paul’s, he will prepare four choirs to sing five weekly choral services, as well as additional services, concerts and guest appearances. Before this, he served as Associate Organist at Saint Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue in New York City where, under the leadership of John Scott, he trained and conducted the Junior Choristers, coordinated the Sunday Organ Recital Series, and held primary responsibility for service playing. Mr. Bruns served as an Executive Committee member of the Boston Chapter of The American Guild of Organists, and was a guest conductor for the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. He is a member of the Association of Anglican Musicians, and is an active participant in the Royal School of Church Music in America.

Mr. Bruns studied with David Higgs at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, earning his M.Mus. in Performance and Literature and the Performer’s Certificate. He has won prizes in major competitions, including the 2003 Dallas International Organ Competition. He was also one of four North American finalists chosen to compete in the 1998 Calgary International Organ Festival and Competition, and was second prize winner in the 1993 International J.S. Bach Organ Competition held at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC.

Mr. Bruns has been featured on the nationally syndicated radio show Pipedreams, and has accompanied the Saint Thomas Choir for regular broadcasts on BBC Radio, as well as two recordings on the Pro Organo label. He has performed numerous recitals with engagements including St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey in London, Canterbury Cathedral, Washington National Cathedral, St. James’ Cathedral in Toronto, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, Methuen Memorial Music Hall, and other venues in the United States and England.

01 • Veni Creator (en Taille à 5) • Nicolas deGrigny • 2’20”
02 • Veni Creator (Fugue à 5) • Nicolas deGrigny • 2’31”
03 • Veni Creator (Fugue à 5) • Nicolas deGrigny • 2’57”
04 • Veni Creator (Récit de Cromorne) • Nicolas deGrigny • 3’3″
05 • Veni Creator (Dialogue sur les grands jeux) • Nicolas deGrigny • 3’43”
06 • Ascension Day – Four Symphonic Meditations for Organ (I. Majesty of Christ praying that His Father should glorify Him) • Olivier Messiaen • 7’25”
07 • Ascension Day – Four Symphonic Meditations for Organ (II. Serene Alleluias from a soul longing for Heaven) • Olivier Messiaen • 7’23”
08 • Ascension Day – Four Symphonic Meditations for Organ (III. Outburst of joy from a soul before the Glory of Christ which is its own glory) • Olivier Messiaen • 5’17”
09 • Ascension Day – Four Symphonic Meditations for Organ (IV. Prayer from Christ ascending towards His Father) • Olivier Messiaen • 8’37”
10 • Symphonie No. 6 in G No. 2, Op. 42 (I. Allegro) • Charles-Marie Widor • 9’22”
11 • Symphonie No. 6 in G No. 2, Op. 42 (II. Adagio) • Charles-Marie Widor • 7’54”
12 • Symphonie No. 6 in G No. 2, Op. 42 (III. Intermezzo, Allegro) • Charles-Marie Widor • 5’21”
13 • Symphonie No. 6 in G No. 2, Op. 42 (IV. Cantabile) • Charles-Marie Widor • 5’12”
14 • Symphonie No. 6 in G No. 2, Op. 42 (V. Finale, Vivace) • Charles-Marie Widor • 6’49”

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