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Marche Slav, Op 31 by P. I. Tchaikovsky – transcription, music score and CD package

This is a printed, bound paper score, 27 pages plus cover, of the July 1989 transcription (for organ solo) of Marche Slav, Opus 31, by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), transcribed by Frederick Hohman.  The work follows Tchaikovsky’s original full score in detail, and it unabridged, with no measures being cut.  The transcription preserves the layers of symphonic textures, which are especially complex in the transitional sections of the work, by use of a double-thumbing technique, where, depending on the organ and the resources of the organ on which it is played, it can be useful to play passages on 3 and even on 4 manuals at once.  In these sections, the score expands from the normal 3-staff score to a 4-staff score.  This is an advanced, virtuoso transcription, and requires a player who has achieved fluid technique in both manuals and pedals.


Audio Sample / Details


Format: Printed bound music score, 27 pages plus cover, plus audio CD containing the composer’s performance of the work.
Performance Duration: about 10-1/2 minutes
Genre: Traditional Organ
Date of Transcription: 14 July 1989
Year of Publication: 3 March 2013

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UPC #: 636077100420

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