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Nordic Journey – Volume VII – Organs of Nidaros Cathedral
(Double Compact Disc)
James D. Hicks

James D. Hicks continues his quest to discover hidden organ music treasures from Nordic composers, and to inspire new organ music from leading Nordic composers of the current age, in his seventh volume – a double CD – in his NORDIC JOURNEY series.  There are THREE organs in the venue of Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway.  the 1930 G. F. Steinmeyer organ (restored by Kuhn), the 1740 Joachim Wagner organ, and the 2015 Torkildsen organ.    Both discs contain newly commissioned works by James D. Hicks, the largest of which is the Symphonia Aurora Borealis by Fredrik Sixten.

Digital Audio Compact Discs
Two Discs – 24 Tracks.

MP3 Download Album is available.


Track Listing / Audio Samples


Format: Digital Audio Compact Disc. – DOUBLE CD SET

Catalog Number:  CD 7285
Length: 156’ 41″
Organs: G. F. Steinmeyer (1930), Joachim Wagner (1740), Torkildsen (2015)
Venue: Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway
Recorded: 08/24/2017 through 08/26/201
Released: 11/06/2017
Notes Author:  James D. Hicks
Packaging:  20-page full color booklet, traycard, slimline double CD jewel box
Producer: Frederick Hohman

© Copyright 2017 Zarex Corporation.
UPC#:  63607 77285 2 5

MP3 Download Album is available.

The feature video about NORDIC JOURNEY VOLUME VII will appear here after November 11, 2017.

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