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Symphonic Quest
(Audio CD)
Stuart Forster

Stuart Forster plays the Lied Schoenstein Organ, First-Plymouth Congregational Church, Lincoln, Nebraska USA

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Format: Digital Audio CD
Catalog Number:  CD 7228
Length: 71’ 14″
Tracks:  12
Organ: Schoenstein
Venue: First-Plymouth Congregational Church, Lincoln, Nebraska USA
Recorded: 08/13/2008
Released: 11/18/2008
Producer: Frederick Hohman
Notes Author: Stuart Forster
Notes Language: English
Graphics Format: 12pp book, traycard, jewel box
UPC #: 636077722820

American Record Guide ”… the Allegretto from the Seventh Symphony, it lasts about nine minutes, and it’s wonderful. … The organ is a nice-sounding instrument…” – Vroon

Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians “Forster brings solid technique, a rich sense of musical idiom, and creative exploration of registration possibilities to his performances.” – Victor Hill

Organ Australia, Sep 2009 ”The Schoenstein organ handles all this effortlessly, with a tremendous dynamic range and wealth of colour. … strongly recommended.” – John Maidment

The American Organist Forster is a skillful transcriber … Forster demonstrates his skill at translating the essence of the music from one idiom to the other, making the transcriptions sound idiomatic to the organ. His dexterous command of the large instrument is reminiscent of that of his former teacher Thomas Murray. The instrument itself is ideally suited to this kind of music, and Forster elicits a multitude of colors to match every phrase, including the various percussions. From the softest whisper to the sumptuous strings, flutes, and foundations, to the blare of the big reeds and the glory of the full organ, these are compelling performances. Throughout, Forster’s broad musicianship and technical mastery produce a gratifying musical experience. His performance of Hancock’s Toccata, which closes the program, is particularly brilliant; Uncle Gerre would be proud! Forster is clearly at home on this grand symphonic instrument, which shines under his capable command. Performer, music, and instrument combine to make this a highly enjoyable recording. – James Hildreth, April 2014

The “quest” in the title could be either for symphonic works that can transfer to the organ or for treating the organ in a symphonic style. The instrument … lends itself to such explorations. … Forster brings solid technique, a rich sense of musical idiom, and creative exploration of registration possibilities to his performances. The liner includes notes, photos, and the organ specification.
Victor Hill – The Journals of the Association of Anglican Musicians – October 2009

01 • Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity • Gustav Holst • 9’24”
02 • Five Variants of “Dives and Lazarus” • Ralph Vaughan Williams • 11’42”
03 • Andante con moto en sol mineur • Alexandre Pierre François Boëly • 2’33”
04 • Noël – Grand jeu et Duo • Louis Claude Daquin • 6’6″
05 • Scherzo in G Minor • Marco Enrico Bossi • 7’30”
06 • Symphonie VI, Cantabile • Charles-Marie Widor • 7’30”
07 • Tuba Tune • Christopher Luke • 3’25”
08 • Choral Song and Fugue I. Choral Song • Samuel Sebastian Wesley • 2’32”
09 • Choral Song and Fugue II. Fugue • Samuel Sebastian Wesley • 4’43”
10 • Symphony No. 7: Allegretto • Ludwig van Beethoven • 8’42”
11 • Triptyque: Communion • Louis Vierne • 4’17”
12 • Toccata • Gerre Hancock • 5’38”

Stuart Forster
A dedicated church musician, Stuart Forster is known internationally as organ soloist, accompanist, teacher, composer, consultant, and choir trainer, and has been Director of Music and Organist at Christ Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts, since 1999. Learn more…

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