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Unseen Servants
(Audio CD)
Frederick Hohman

This CD was originally issued in June, 2006, as a promotional CD sponsored by the Wicks Organ Company, Highland, Illinois. Although the organist’s identity was originally concealed in this release, the identity of the artist was disclosed in 2008 as Frederick Hohman, the founder of Pro Organo, and a noted concert organist. This CD is a promotional product that demonstrates the all-pipe organ at First Congregational Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Opus 6419 of the Wicks Organ Company. The recording includes several special arrangements of popular organ works by Hohman, and opens with a festive work Hohman written under the pen name Carlos Xavier Santiago.

Available only on CD.  In stock.


Product Description


Format: Digital Audio CD
Catalog Number:  CD 7206
Length: 69′ 49″
Tracks:  12
Organ: Wicks
Venue: First Congregational Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan USA
Recorded: 05/01/2006
Released: 06/15/2006
Producer: Frederick Hohman
Notes Author: Frederick Hohman
Notes Language: English
Graphics Format: 6-panel Digi-Pak
UPC #: 636077720628

01 • Iberian Feast of the Resurrection • Carlos Xavier Santiago • 6’40”
02 • Mendelssohn’s Jesu • Frederick Hohman • 6’29”
03 • Prière a Notre Dame, from Suite Gothique • Léon Boëllmann, arr. Frederick Hohman • 6’34”
04 • Ave Maria • Franz Schubert, arr. Frederick Hohman • 5’53”
05 • Elevation from Mass for the Convents • François Couperin • 3’3″
06 • Basse de Cromorne, from Suite on the Second Tone • Louis-Nicolas Clérambault • 1’49”
07 • Caprice sur les Grands Jeux, from Suite on the Second Tone • Louis-Nicolas Clérambault • 2’34”
08 • Allegro Vivace – theme and variations – from Fifth Organ Symphony, Op 42 No 1 • Charles-Marie Widor, with pedal cadenza by Firmen Swinnen • 14’41”
09 • Franckian Daydream • Frederick Hohman • 4’50”
10 • Hymn: Eventide • arr. Frederick Hohman • 3’42”
11 • Cantilena, from Organ Sonata in D minor, Op 148 No 11 • Josef Rheinberger • 6’36”
12 • Toccata from Fifth Organ Symphony, Opus 42 No 1 • Charles-Marie Widor, arr. Frederick Hohman • 6’54”

Frederick Hohman
Whether he’s commanding the “King of Instruments” in the town halls of Australia, in historic English cathedrals, or at noted American universities and festivals, in concert, Frederick Hohman transforms the pipe organ from a “Sunday morning“ instrument into a virtual symphony ­orchestra. Learn more…

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