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Iberian Feast of the Resurrection – music score and CD package

ZS 1006 – IBERIAN FEAST OF THE RESURRECTION by Carlos Xavier Santiago (nom de plume for Frederick Hohman).
This organ work of about 6-1/2 minutes’ duration takes its inspiration from the Mariachi bands in regional Mexican music that date back to at least the 18th century.  The genre developed over time in the countryside of various regions of western Mexico.  The various cross-rhythms between violins, trumpets, guitars and vocals, when imported into to the solo pipe organ composition, create a sustained dynamic energy, over which the composer places the Easter Hymn “Jesus Christ is Ris’n Today.”  The hymn is most often heard in grand rhythmic augmentation on a solo trumpet stop or in the pedal division.  Completing the festive organ solo setting are the free use of colorful modes and altered scales which are common to Spanish music.

This work is composed by Frederick Hohman, but it was initially published and marketed under Dr. Hohman’s pen name: Carlos Xavier Santiago.  Requires organ of 3 manuals or more with strong solo reed.  Advanced level.

© Copyright 2006 Zarex Corporation.  Distributed by Zarex Corp under exclusive license from the composer.


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Format: Printed bound music score, 14 pages
Performance Duration: 6-1/2 minutes
Genre: Traditional Organ
Year of Composition:  2008
Year of Publication: 2008
Graphics Format: 14 pages, plus cover

© 2008 Zarex Corp.
UPC #: 636077100628

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